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You Are Worthy

I often hear from individuals, struggling to feel their own self-worth, that they fear they will never be able to feel worthy enough.

I have good news for you:

You will be able to feel worthy.

And some of you will be able to feel worthy instantly by reading this post.

I love giving the following example, when I am explaining this topic to people who struggle with feeling their self-worth. It especially touches women who are already mothers:

When your child/children were born, tell me what did they do, or how did they have to prove themselves, to be worthy of receiving your unconditional love in that very moment of being born?

Or perhaps think of yourself. When you were born and held for the first time. What did you have to do in that moment to prove your worthiness?

The answer is:


They did not have to deserve it. You did not have to deserve it.

They just were. You just were already.

So how come your own children, or your innocent, helpless, newborn babies, who need all the love, provision and support they can get at that moment, are worthy of all that, are worthy of love, but you, as a grown up, are suddenly not worthy of it?

This does not make any sense at all. What went wrong throughout time?

The answer is:

You were conditioned that way during your upbringing by your parents, by the culture, and also by the school system. We were brought up to believe that we have to deserve things in our life by being good and obedient, by working hard, and by earning it.

When in reality, we are worthy of good things happening to us, without the need to prove ourselves in any kind of way to be able to deserve them.

The main problem here is the word * DESERVE *.

Drop that word now and forever. Erase it from your dictionary and replace it with the word:


You are worthy of good things happening to you.

You are worthy of true love.

You are worthy of a loving and caring partner.

You are worthy of anything.

You are worthy.


Just because you are.

Just because you exist.

While your painful childhood story may be true, and the horrible things that happened to you did actually happen, it does not take away the fact that you are worthy nevertheless.

You are intrinsically worthy, despite how people treat you. Their actions do not define your intrinsic worthiness.

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