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Heal the Boy Within and the Man Emerges

Heal the boy within and the man emerges. Inside every man is a boy. For most of us, this boy is carrying the wounds of his unprocessed pain from childhood. This pain remains unprocessed because we live in a culture that stigmatizes men’s mental health, contains no...

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You Are Worthy

I often hear from individuals, struggling to feel their own self-worth, that they fear they will never be able to feel worthy enough. I have good news for you: You will be able to feel worthy. And some of you will be able to feel worthy instantly by reading this post....

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Therapies I have used that have helped me

The very first therapeutic approach I got trained in was Somatic Experiencing. This is a modality that is based off the threat response (or the fight or flight response). It theorizes that when we do not successfully find safety after experiencing something life...

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How I became a therapist

I initially wanted to be a music teacher actually. Music was my first love. I graduated from the University of Georgia in 2011 with a Bachelors in Music Education, specializing in percussion. But it didn’t take very long to realize I preferred playing music rather...

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